We service and repair damaged and broken cellphones, tablets, gadgets, and other electronics at competitive price. We assist with all mobile phones offered by National carriers. We diagnose, repair, and troubleshoot inside our store with fast turnaround. When we don't have parts available, we will order brand-new parts with fast shipping. In case there is physical damage when insurance doesn't protect you, let's rebuild your phone and give it another life. We always give our best service, because we would like you to come back and see us.
Fix it, don't replace it.

iPhone repair

  • iPhone screen repair
  • iPhone glass repair
  • LCD colors
  • Charging port
  • Camera repair
  • Speaker replacement
  • Microphone replacement
  • Power button
  • Volume Button
  • Vibrator repair
  • Back Cover replacement

Android repair

  • Glass cover replacement
  • LCD display repair
  • Charging data port repair
  • Camera repair
  • Speaker replacement
  • Microphone replacement
  • Housing replacement
  • Power button repair
  • Volume Button repair
  • Data transfer
  • Flashing, Rooting, Unlocking

Tablet repair

  • Glass cover replacement
  • LCD replacement
  • Charging data port
  • Docking connector repair
  • Camera replacement
  • Battery replacement

Samsung phones

They have the very best hardware. Samsung is definitely a step in front of everyone in new tech. Dual processor and eight-core smartphones and tablets for best multitasking performance and efficiency. It can help to perform everything fast and smooth, graphics rendering is fantastic, and the camera processes quality pictures and video quite effortlessly. Samsung phones are packed with sensors and tools for a better hands-free experience. Samsung phones are fast and efficient, highly responsive, and easiest to customize and personalize and that is why they've the most effective selling products on the market.


It's really easy to use. The company concentrated on user-friendly interface so people would just start using a smartphone without reading a manual first. All apple phones have exactly the same simple interface; all apple goods are connected and in the event that you upgrade your iPhone, you never lose anything. IOS is very secure and well optimized for better power usage. iPhone does everything it claims and as processors evolve, every new generation of iPhone would nearly double the performance of its predecessor, and purchase of a new iPhone would simply make sense. "Yes, the iPhone costs money and I'm fine with that."

LG phones

You will find two words to describe LG phone: quality and value. LG often proves to generally meet finest quality standards. Google trusted LG to create Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 custom phones, and both had the most effective dollar value for performance in 2012 through 2014. LG phones earned a lot of security awards. My own experience with LG phones was great. Statistics favor LG, and each time LG phones get 50$ discount, they are sold-out in matter of days.

HTC phones

Beautiful design and most fantastic quality display. Folks are pleased with HTC smartphones. End-users love its lightning speed, awesome design, and very natural and rich color display. It may be too flashy, however, it is just a fantastic toy and it ought to be wrapped just like a Christmas present. I must say that HTC cameras are pretty average. However, I don't think HD image super-sampling is essential in a cell phone and so does HTC, but the next Desire 816 will have a 13MP camera to meet those demands.

Nokia phones

The very best Windows smartphones and the best definition cameras of most cell phones. Anyone knowledgeable about Windows 8 would feel more comfortable with a Lumia phone. A 41MP camera on Nokia 1020 and 20MP on Nokia 1520 provides you with highest image depth and super zoom, with more options and capability of any competitors. Nokia phones offers many offline content features, which are not common with many mobile devices.


Very reliable phones with great value. Motorola has always made efficient and reliable products. I don't recommend to stress test your phone. But I saw how Moto X survived in swimming pool incident and I saw a Moto G returned to life after being underwater for over 10 minutes with my very own eyes. I own Motorola products that I have used for a decade and they're still going. Motorola phones are properly designed, responsive, and strong.

Moto X

Droid Maxx

Moto G

Motorola Photon Q