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  • Alex picked up my tablet, fixed it and then brang it back to my house

    Charron Leika Phoenix, Arizona
  • my boyfriend breaks his phone every few weeks. These guys fix it every time. They meet us anywhere

    Roxanne H Mesa, Arizona
  • Fixed my Xr in 7 minutes. While i watched. Thanks Alex

    Josh Mader Scottsdale, Arizona
  • My son dropped his iPhone X and the screen was super cracked and had rainbows all around. He couldn't even use it. Alex came and fixed it in my driveway. It looked brand new

    Juanita Scottsdale, Arizona
  • 10/10 service every time. They come to my work and fix all of my coworkers iPhones.

    Bill Keyser Phoenix, Arizon
  • We always use these guys. They come right to our house and fix all my kids phones. Its super convenient!  

    Tessa Karnath Tempe, Arizon
  • Called this company and had my iPhone 11 fixed at my job. They came right to me! Definitely recommend

    Jose Scottsdale, AZ
  • This company Rocks!

    Ashley AZ, Phoenix