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samsung  galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was released April 2013 and quickly became Samsung's fastest selling cell phone.  There have been over 40 million Samsung Galaxy S4 sold.  It is bigger then the Samsung S III and has amazing speed with the 2.5 GHz processor.  This phone is still popular as the upgraded Samsungs are a little bigger, but haen't upgraded the internal features enough to make people drop this phone and run for another one.  

samsung galaxy s3

The Samsung Galaxy S3 became the "world's best selling smartphone" in the 3rd quarter of 2012.  The Samsung S3 has a 4.8 inch screen which uses Gorilla Glass which is tougher then the previous glass.  If you need your Samsung Galaxy S3 screen replaced we will replace it with an OEM glass.  Many times the power button or speaker stop working on the Samsung S3, just give us a call and we can probably replace the broken parts for you.  

SAMSUNG S5 and samsung s5 mini

The Samsung S5 has a wide 4.5" Full HD display and a 13MP camera with pro editing tools.  The Samsung S5 is portable yet powerful with 21 hours of battery life with constant talking.  It has a nice app included called the Integrated S Health™ app which keeps track of your steps, workouts and diet so you don't need a separate device for this.  If you have a Samsung S5 with a cracked screen or if you can't hear someone while they are talking call Sun Cellular to get a quote on getting your Samsung S5 repaired. 

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Samsung Note 4

The Samsung Note 4 is the latest and greatest with a 5.7 inch Full HD display and a 2.7 GHz processor which makes it super fast and efficient.  Samsung has all the best technology wrapped up in the Note 4 including a 16 MP camera, which makes it the most popular phone from Samsung right now.  If you need Samsung Note 4 repairs, call Sun Cellular as we have many parts in stock so you can get your phone repaired while you wait.  

Sun Cellular can REPAIR your device for a fraction of the cost of a new one!!!

samsung galaxy tab 4 tabletS


The Samsung Note 3 was released in October 2013 and is often referred to as a Phablet - Phone/Tablet.  The the 5.7-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED®display is great to watch videos, write emails, etc.  It has the Enhanced S Pen™ with more precision and functions and a 13 MP rear camera. With this device you have the convenience of a phone but the usability of a tablet.  If your Samsung Note 3 needs repairs please call Sun Cellular.  We can fix your Note 3 for less  then buying a new one. 


The Samsung Edge is the coolest looking phone with an Innovative Smart Edge Screen which you can program to show whatever you feel is most important.  The Samsung Note Edge has 5.6-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED®display and the Enhanced S Pen™ which many people love.  It also has a 16MP rear camera which takes amazing pictures.  This phone is beautiful, however it's hard to hold which has caused many people to drop it.  If your Samsung Note Edge has a cracked screen come to Sun Cellular to let us help with your repair. 

samsung galaxy tab 3 tablets

The Samsung Galaxy Tablets are very sleek and extremely efficient.  The come in a variety of sizes and have a very favorable user experience.  Tablets are the most vulnerable to cracked screens and broken charging ports.  Sun Cellular has many parts for these tablets in stock so we can fix your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 or your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 while you wait.  Call us for any Samsung Galaxy Tab repairs.