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Ipods are especially popular among athletes, teenagers and younger children.  They are versitile, small and can play music, videos and even play games.  They do not require a monthly service plan and are cheaper then a smartphone so it's still a good option for many people.  If you need ipod repair please contact Sun Cellular as we will probably be able to help you.  Is your ipod screen cracked?  We can replace the ipod screen.  Can  you not hear the music?  We can repair ipod speakers or repair ipod headphone jacks.  

Ipod repairs

Is your laptop screen cracked or broken?  Are the keys of your laptop of keyboard sticking or not functioning correctly?  If the hardware of your laptop or computer needs to be repaired we may be able to help you.  Please contact Sun Cellular at (602) 267-7800 to find out if we can repair your computer or laptop. 

Sun Cellular does not only repair phones and tablets, we also fix other electronics such as Nintendo 3DS, xbox remotes, playstation remotes, etc.  If it is electronic we can probably fix it.  We will diagnose the problem and let you know the best option.  Most of the time it's more cost effective to let Sun Cellular repair the item instead of buying a new one.  Call us at (602) 267-7800 to ask about the item you would like repaired.  

Ipads are used in so many places by so many people.  Many business issue Ipads to employees and doctors offices often times use Ipads for easy access to records.  Sun Cellular will do all Ipad repairs including the Ipad, Ipad Air, Ipad mini.  If you have an Ipad cracked screen we can usually fix it while you wait, or if needed we will order the parts and fix it within a few days.  An Ipad charging port is also a very common repair which can be done quickly.  

ipad repairs

Think about all the places you take your tablet and who uses your tablets.  It depends if your tablet is used at home or for a business.  Either way, they probably go with you in the car, get tossed into a bag or go to work or school with you.  Tablets are very vulnerable to getting beat up.  A tablet cracked screen and Tablet charging ports repairs are very common.  If your tablet is having other issues Sun Cellular will diagnose the problem and let you know what the most cost effective options are.  Remember, we want your referrals, so we will also give you honest options.  

Samsung is of the leaders in the wireless market.  They make a very good product, however there are often issues with the devise such as a Samsung broken screen or broken charging port.  The Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3 are very popular and so is the Galaxy Note and a unique model called the Galaxy Note Edge (pictured on the left).  Sun cellular can usually fix the broken glass of your cell phone for relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of buying a new phone.  We carry most of the replacement parts so you won't have to wait long for your repair to be completed.   

Samsung repairs

Apples makes some of the most popular products on the market including the Iphone 6, Iphone 5 and Iphone 4. These phones are great, however, unfortunately there have been a lot of Iphone 6 cracked screen issues.  Sun Cellular can help!  These phones are an investment and you will want to fix it instead of getting a new one.  If you have insurance on the phone give us a call and we will let you know what your best options are.  We have fixed hundreds of Iphones and since they are so popular we keep most of the replacement items in stock so we can do your Iphone repair while you wait.  

iphone repairs

Wireless repair store, Phoenix, az

Did your phone decide to take a swim in a pool, mop bucket or toilet?  Cell phone water damage is extremely common especially since we live in Phoenix where almost every backyard has a pool.  If your cell phone has water damage bring the phone to us as soon as possible.  There might be something we can do to save it so you don't have to go get a new phone.  Most cell phone companies will look at the "water damage indicator" and say there is nothing you can do, however many times Sun Cellular can help you.  We will make every effort to save your cell phone from water damage.  

Are you having trouble hearing the person on your smartphone or are they having trouble hearing you? Sometimes the speakers needs repair or the microphone needs to be replaced.  We can diagnose the problem for free and let you know how it needs to be fixed.  When the speaker or microphone go out it is not time to get a new phone!  Your phone can be repaired usually more cost effectively then buying a new smartphone.  

Is your phone not charging properly?  Is the charging port wiggly or broken when you plug in your charger? Sun Cellular can probably repair your bad charging port.  Charging ports go bad for any reasons.  When you plug in your charger many times the cord is twisted, tangled or gets hit.  The smallest amount of impact could break a joint free inside your phone causing it not to charge properly.  We will replace the bad charging port so you can charge your phone without a hassle.  Call us at (602) 267-7800 to confirm we have the parts for your smartphone.  

A cracked screen (cracked glass) is the most common repair we get for all Samsung, Iphones, Ipads, Tablets and Ipods.  Sun Cellular keeps parts for the most common devices on hand to ensure your repair is quick and convenient.  If your screen is cracked and needs repair we always suggest to call us at (602) 267-7800 to confirm we have the parts in stock for your phone.  If we don't already have the parts, we will order the part and have it ready for you in a few days.  Once we get the part you can bring the device into the smartphone repair store and we will repair it while you wait.  



tablet repairs

microphone or speaker problems

cell phone broken charging ports

Water damage


The dedicated team at Sun Cellular has over 35 years of experience with cell phone repair in Phoenix.  Most people have a cell phone with them 100% of the time and can't put it down even to eat dinner, however, what if yours breaks and you need a smartphone repair store? We are your wireless repair store in Phoenix. We will diagnose the problem with your phone for free and let you know if we can check it immediately or if we need to order parts.  We try to stock parts for common phones, Ipads and tablets so we can fix them while you wait!  We wouldn't want to be without our phone over night and I'm sure you don't either.  That's why we weant to earn your trust as the best Phoenix cell phone repair shopl