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Ipods are still popular with athletes because they are very portable and cheaper and much lighter then a phone so you don't have to worry so much about loosing it.  Ipods are also popular with teenagers because they allow you to listen to songs, play games and download apps.  Ipod repairs are usually inexpensive.  Call Sun Cellular if you have Ipod repair so we can let you know if we have the parts on hand.  


Ipads are the most popular tablets on the market today.  Schools buy huge quantities of Ipads and so do hospitals, doctors and other businesses.  The Ipad Mini is popular for kids and many people have an Ipad for their personal use whether they are an Apple fan or not. Ipads are fantastic, however the large screen is so vulnerable to damage.  If you have an Ipad screen crack or a speaker which isn't working bring it to Sun Cellular for quality service and repair.  

Iphone First generation

The Iphone 3G was the very first Iphone brought to market by Apple.  People who have always used Apple products couldn't wait to get their hands on this new smartphone.  The Iphone 3G was released in June 2007 and was 4.5in x 2.4in x.46in.  The battery lasted 24 hours of constant talking and only weighed 4.8 oz. Consumers loved the Iphone 3G and lined up for hours to get it.  The production of this phone was discontinued in July 2008.  

Iphone 3g

The Iphone 3G came out in July 2008.  It was a little bigger in size, although the display was the same.  The Iphone 3G weighed 4.7 oz instead of 4.8 oz. The basic functions of the Iphone 3G were very similar to the first generation iphone such as having the same size display and the same camera installed. Production for the Iphone 3G was discontinued in June 2010.  

Iphone 4

The Iphone 4 was an upgrade in software and really made the Iphone popular.  It had the highest operating system available and a much faster processor.  The battery also lasted 40 hours with continuous talking.  The actual phone itself is smaller then the iphone 3 series which was a little big of a surprise, however Apple was just trying to figure out people like.  

Iphone 4S

The Iphone 4S really focused on graphics and video.  The had the same display as the Iphone 4, but a much higher graphcis card and an 8 MP camera and the ability to take 1080p video.  It can actually function on the current Iphone operating system with is IOS 8.1.3.  They did add a little weight in order to pack all the upgraded graphics into the same small package.  It was released October 2011 and Apple discontinued production of the Iphone 4S in September 2014. 

Iphone 5

The Iphone 5 was released with the IOS 6.0, however it can use the current IOS with upgrades.  All the Iphone 5 series had the same display dimensions.  The display size is about 1/2" bigger in both width and height which is a big deal for Iphone users.  It has a dual core processor and one nice feature is the noise suppression.  The Iphone 5 was released in September 2012 and discontinued production in September 2013.

Iphone 5C

The Iphone 5C was released on the same date as the Iphone 5S in September 2013.  This was basically the same model as the Iphon 5 however the app Facetime is no better used .  This phone comes in several glossy colors. The 8GB iphone 5C  is still in production, however all the other 5 series phones are still in production.  

Iphone 5S

The Iphone 5S is the last of the 5 series.  It was actually released on the same date as the 5C.  The Iphone 5S has a metal outer case in "Space Gray" as Apple refers to it, or gold.  It also is the first Iphone to have a white front glass option which is very sleek and popular.  The home button on the Iphone 5S is a little different and allows biometric identification, which is a fingerprint, instead of a code  to open the phone. 

Iphone 6S

The Iphone 6 Plus is the largest Iphone available.  People love this phone because it's got a great screen, fantastic camera and the processor helps the quick speed.  People either love or hate the iphones, but Apple has truly stepped up the competition.  

Iphone 6

The Iphone 6 was released in September 2014 to compete with the larger displays of the Samsung and other smartphones.  The Iphone 6 has about 1/2 in bigger display both in height and width.  The battery can last about 50 hours of constant talking.  It has great screen color and contrast and a great camera.